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Tinnitus : Ringing ,Noise in the Ears

Tinnitus is also referred to as ringing in the ear. It means “a phenomenon in which a person consistently hears unwanted sound when there is no sound coming from the external”.

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Tinnitus Cause

Tinnitus has a lot of causes including external factors such as stress, fatigue, drug abuse and exposure to loud noise ; and internal factors such as inflammatory disease, and temporomandibular disorder. We provides professional treatment on tinnitus caused by external factors but not tinnitus caused by internal factors.

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REVE 134 Hearing Restoration System

This therapy applies to those who are suspicious of sensorineural hearing loss and those who suffer from mild to moderate hearing loss. This therapy is inovative andvery effective.

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Tinnitus Treatments

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Cochlear Implant

An incision is made behind the ear and a mastoidectomy is drilled followed by access created to the inner ear (cochlea), and insertion of the electrode into the cochlea.

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Middle Ear Implant

Mild to severe sensorineural deafness is effectively amplified by a Vibrant Soundbridge Middle Ear Implant, with better responses.

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Bonebridge implant is placed on the 'bad' side and the impulses are transmitted to the opposite functioning cochlea to assist with the head shadow effect

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This operation reconnects the ear drum to the inner ear using a piston.  The postoperative hearing level will depend on a stable functional connection in the middle ear.

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REVE 134 Restoration

We open a new way of treating tinnitus and hearing loss by introducing REVE 134 sound conditioning system that has been verified for their safety for the first time across the world.

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REVE 134 Sound Stimulator

Using mid-frequency (250~12000Hz) stimulation, rehabilitation
treatment proceeds by making the patient listen to the mid-frequency stimulation that can stimulate a particular auditory cell that has been chosen for a period of time.


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